Saturday, August 31, 2013

Diva Dish: Miss Plus America 2013 - Day One

Hey Diva!
So… last month I had the time of my life as a delegate in the 2013 Miss Plus America Pageant! As you might know, I won the title of Ms. Georgia Plus America this past April which started my journey towards the national title. 


The Miss Plus America Pageant week was such a rush and full of excitement. I think I experienced every emotion possible from glee, to utter shock and everything in between! Over the next several days, I’ll give you blow by blow details of everything that happened during the 2013 Miss Plus America Pageant week...from my perspective of course. 

Day One – Registration and Orientation
This year’s pageant took place in Monroe, LA .  All of the Georgia Plus America delegates traveled via motor coach from Atlanta, GA to Monroe, LA. I absolutely do not like road trips however this one wasn’t that bad. Perhaps it was because I was so excited to“get there” and meet the other delegates that I didn't notice how long the ride was!

Registration was where all of the delegates finally got to see and meet each other. We had been following (or stalking) one another for months on Facebook, Instagram and all other forms of social media but now... here we all are… in the flesh. Good times indeed!

Later that evening, all of the delegates came together for the Welcome Dinner. This would mark our final gathering before competition actually begins. After tonight…it’s game on! As a "warm-up"we all had the opportunity to go to the microphone during dinner and introduce ourselves one by one. We also received our swag bag full of gifts and goodies from all of the pageant sisters in our division!


Tune in all week long as I share more pageant memories from the 2013 Miss Plus America Pageant week! If you are interested in competing in the Miss Plus America Pageant please visit them online at

Until next time!

The Spoiled Diva

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