Friday, October 17, 2014

A Rose by any other name...

Hey Diva,
As you know it's breast cancer awareness month and this month, I salute my Grandmother Rose. Grandma Rose lost her fight in 2006, but amazingly, she lived to the age of 84!

 That was plenty of time for me to get to love on her and learn from her. Not only was she a loving mother, wife and terrific cook, Grandma Rose was a smart business woman. She and my Granddad owned multiple properties in our hometown of Kansas City and her birthtown of Shreveport! I was so excited to find out about this part of her history because now I know where my spirt of entreprenership comes from.

I'm not sure when Grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer because you see, that was something she kept to herself for a long time. In her mind, she thought it would burden the family if she revealed this information, but of course, that could not be further from the truth!

I am so grateful that I had my grandmother for a great many years and I will always hold everything she taught me close to my heart. Especially the simple things like giving to others even when you don't have it to give. She told me that when you do so, you will always be blessed ten times more. I really took this lesson to heart which is why I am so involved with community service and volunteerism to his very day!

Another lesson I learned from her indirectly is that silence is not always golden and that we must share what is going on with our health.

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Until next time.

The Spoiled Diva

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