Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Avenue Love Your "Selfie" Photo Contest

The Aveneue Selfie Photo Contest

Hey Diva,

So... earlier this week, The Avenue announced an online photo contest and they asked the question, "What's your selfie worth"? The contest runs through the month of October and each week, all you need do is upload your best selfie according to the theme. This weeks theme is best weekend outfit.

Then, beg your friends and family to VOTE for you! Just a heads up, you'll probably have to beg over and over again because we all know how hard it is to get people to simply click a darn LIKE button. Ya'll know I'm telling the truth!

Anyway, my faithful friends already know I love the art of a good selfie ( and yes, it is an art). You must capture the correct lighting, angles, mood, depth of field...yadda, yadda, yadda!

You can find all the contest details here. Now remember, this is a selfie photo contest, so it's ok to
do-it-yourself. Finally a photo contest where selfies are ok! 

...and if you don't mind, how about showing my entry some love, I'm rocking a black sequin skirt from The Avenue and a black feather trimmed lace top and obi belt by none other than Spoiled Diva by CL Felder...I just  love a contest that focuses on self love! Click here to vote.

Vote Now

Until next time.

The Spoiled Diva
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