Saturday, August 25, 2012

Diva Dish: P3 Beauty Tea hosted by MiMi J

Hey Diva!
So…last Sunday, I attended MiMi J’s P3 Beauty Tea in Atlanta, GA…and what a delightful afternoon it was! Mimi J is a hometown girl (we’re both from Kansas City, MO) so I was super excited about showing my support at her event.

Mia MiMi Johnson
The other hostesses for the afternoon included make-up artist Alexandra Butler, fashion blogger Mattie James and natural hair blogger Maeling Tapp and was held at Studio Wed in Atlanta, GA.

Studio Wed
During the course of the afternoon, the ladies chatted, shared beauty secrets and enjoyed light nibbles and gourmet tea provided by Soren Tea.

Soren Tea
I truly enjoy seeing women come together to celebrate each others achievements. Genuine love, support, and sincerity are all elements that make a great sisterhood!   

The Spoiled Diva 

Blogger Breck of Fashion Without Guilt rocking a Spoiled Diva Clutch. See the full collection here

P3 Beauty Tea Hosts MiMi J and Makeup Artist Alexandra Butler

Jazmine Harrod of Fashion to Rouge

Shalawn Willis of Lamik Cosmetics is making the world face at a time