Sunday, December 16, 2012

Spoiled Diva Spotlight - Makeovers by Meme

Hey Diva,
This week, we turn the Spoiled Diva spotlight on Meme Pinkelton, make-up artist, master cosmetologist and founder of Makeovers by Meme!  This diva is responsible for creating my latest look and I absolutely love it! 

I’ve always been a hair and make-up gal and I take my appearance pretty seriously. After all, when you look good, you feel good...right? Not to mention, in my new role as Ms. DeKalb County Plus America, I want to be sure I always put my best foot forward. I’ll share more details about that exciting news later! 

Meme did a sew-in weave for me and the final outcome is just amazing but then again, I expected nothing less from her!  Meme’s skills are impeccable and the best part is you don’t have to choose between paying your mortgage and paying to have your hair styled by a master stylist! 

Oh and did I mention, she also has her own make-up line! Yes ma’am, Meme Pinkleton is one Diva you must get to know!
Follow Makeovers by Meme on Facebook by clicking here or give her a call at 678.234.3656 to book your appointment.
Until next time.

The Spoiled Diva


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  1. Lovvvve the transformation!!!! Beauty at its BEST!!!!!