Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diva Dish: Miss Plus America 2013 - Day Three

Day 3 Judges Breakfast, Preliminary Competition and Pajama Party

Hey Diva!
We’re at day three of the 2013 Miss Plus America Pageant week and the excitement is continuing to build. Today marks the first official day of the actual pageant competition!

We started the day with a delicious breakfast spread and guess who joined us for breakfast? None other than the pageant judges! That’s right; we had breakfast with the judges so of course everyone had to be on their best queenly behavior :)!

Breakfast looked divine, however, I couldn't eat anything because I was so tense! And to make matters worse, all my faves were on the menu. From biscuits and gravy to grits and it was torture! I laugh at myself now…I can’t believe that after all of these years of competing I still get super anxious.

After breakfast, it was time for me to get mentally and physically ready to hit the stage for the first night of preliminary competition! The preliminary competition was spread across two nights because of the large amount of delegates competing.  Initially, I hoped I would be in the group that would compete on the second night. I suppose I just simply did not want to be the first one out on the "playing field". But then I figured, hey.. we will be the ones to set the standard so going first did not bother me at this point!

The preliminary competition consisted of the Pant Wear Competition, where we answered our first on stage question followed by the very beautiful Evening Wear Competition. All of the delegates rocked it on the first night of preliminary competition! I knew from the beginning that this year’s competition would be tough! 

Ms. Georgia Plus America Pantsuit custom made by Joe Hinton of Joe's Custom Clothier

After the competition, we all changed and unwound at the Pajama Party! We danced, sang Karaoke, and partied the night away! For one moment in time, I was able to take my mind off of the competition…but not for long! The next day, at the crack of dawn, I would have to be up to get into hair and make-up for my personal interview with the judges! Eek! 

Sweet Georgia Peaches!

Check in all week long as I share more pageant memories from the 2013 Miss Plus America Pageant week! If you missed my post about Day One, click here. For Day Two click here. If you are interested in competing in the Miss Plus America Pageant please visit them online at

Until next time!

The Spoiled Diva

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