Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pageantry 101: Headshot Perfection

Tiffany Christina | Mrs. Kane County Royalty International 2016
Hello Queen,
A picture is worth a thousand words! I'm sure you have heard that before, and it's true. We are a visual society so first impressions are extremely important. This notion is also true in pageantry. The images you submit, whether they be for your application, your Ad page or for the program book are the ones by which you will be assessed and ultimately remembered. Therefore, make sure they are quality images.

So...just what are quality images you ask? Well... I'd be willing to bet that most pageant judges like to see headshots that are crisp and clear with a nice, clean background.  They would also like to see ladies put some effort into their hair, makeup and wardrobe. You may want to work with a stylist or at the very least, get a friend with a flair for fashion and style to assist you.

Please understand, your headshots do not necessarily need to be professional, so don't think I am telling you to go out and spend tons of money on photographs. But they should still look professional meaning great lighting, appropriate backdrops/props and nice angles.

Now...this final area can be a little sensitive but it's definitely worth discussing. Editing or retouching can certainly help make your headshots pop! It's likely that your photos will need some editing to adjust the color or exposure, brighten your natural eye color, clean up any stray hairs, etc. However, your photos should not be so retouched that you become unrecognizable. The girl in the headshot should look like the girl that shows up to the pageant!

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