Sunday, July 8, 2012

A year older...and WISER!

On June 26, 2012, I celebrated another anniversary of my birth! It's truly a blessing to  experience the joys of another year of life, however I can't help but worry about how fast the years are flying by! I'll be honest and say that I do worry about getting "old". The thought terrifies me more than most of you may know. But hey, the alternative to growing older would be death and that is an option I don't care to entertain!

The great part about birthdays is all the love and kindness shown by friends, associates and loved ones. Throughout the entire day, I had birthday wishes coming in via text messaging, phone calls, instant messaging, fax and social media...this Diva truly felt like a celebrity! But that's not all, the best part of my special day was the time shared with some of my favorite Diva girlfriends. Despite the last minute party notification (and by last minute, I mean 48 hours notification) hectic schedules and the demands on their lives, my gals still took time out of a busy work week to celebrate with me! I must be doing something right in this life because you can't buy that kind of love (unless you're a very rich and popular celebrity of some kind). Thank you ladies, you all made my day extra special!
The Spoiled Diva

The Birthday Girl is wearing a fuchsia bikini top by OLD NAVY, black mesh top by EXPRESS and neon and tribal print earrings by SPOILED DIVA. Get your earrings here!

Diva Girlfriends: Nikka, Karla, Alicia, Kassie

So divas, how did you celebrate your birthday this year or how do you plan to celebrate it? Please share...I love reading your comments, but be nice!:)


  1. I absolutely love it!!!! Everything & everybody look so great! I hate I couldn't be there to help you celebrate!!!! Keep them posts coming!


  2. What fun memories!! So happy I could celebrate with you!