Monday, September 3, 2012

Diva Dish: Love and Hip Hop ATL Reunion Show Viewing Party Hosted by Momma Dee

Hey diva! So…in case you didn’t know or just simply haven’t been keeping up, part one of the Love and Hip Hop ATL Reunion Show aired last week and I along with some of my BFF’s ( Blog Fab Fashionistas) were invited to the Love and Hip Hop ATL Reunion Show viewing party hosted by Momma Dee!

The Spoiled Diva with Momma Dee

The viewing party was held at Studio Couture Boutique in Midtown Atlanta and many fans of the reality series came out to show their support! 

Neffe of the Frankie and Neffe Show came out to support Momma Dee

Lil Scrappy came out to support his Mum

Kandi of the Real Housewives of Atlanta also came by to show her support to Momma Dee

Neffe and sister Elite were absolutely adorable!
The BFF's (Blog Fab Fashionista's) had our very own "bloggers suite" where we photographed and tweeted the happenings of the evening. Big smooches to BFF Nikka Shea for the invitation! 

BFF Oh Nikka and The Spoiled Diva

BFF's Oh Nikka, Lynn, The Spoiled Diva, Parker Simmons, Keren Charles

Now...whether you love it or hate it one thing you can't deny is that the show is packed full of personality!

The Spoiled Diva

Spoiled Diva with Lil Scrappy (left) and Jamie Moreen (right) from the television series Single Ladies

The Spoiled Diva and Neffe

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  1. Hi BFF!!! Thank you for coming and for the worderful post!!!!!!!