Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spoiled Diva Spotlight: A Woman in Military

This week, we turn the Spoiled Diva spotlight on one of my FAV hero's...or perhaps I should say SHERO's. On September 1st my little sis, TeShara Felder, was promoted to the office of LT. Commander in the United States Navy! 

 It was such a proud moment for the entire family...we all traveled to Washington D.C. to witness her promotion ceremony, which was held at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery.

FYI, my sis has already completed three tours of duty with the U.S. Navy...such dedication and commitment!

So…as we sit in our homes and offices all comfy and cozy writing about fashion, hair and make-up and gossiping about “celebs”, let’s not ever forget those on the front lines serving our country and offering up the ultimate sacrifice…I love you sis, and I am truly proud of you! 

The Spoiled Diva and Sis, LT. Commander Felder
The Spoiled Diva


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  1. What a blessing, and congrats to your sister!!! What a nice family!!!