Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall 2013 Make-up Trend - Pop of color!

Hey Diva!
Sure it’s fall… but you can still incorporate a “pop” of bright color into your fall make-up look. To be quite honest, I’ve always loved to play up color in my make-up…no matter the season!
Here, I chose two pops of color for my eye shadows… Ocean Blue, a shade from a previous collection by MAC cosmetics, and a shade called Sugar Rim by Lamik Cosmetics. 

I applied Ocean Blue on the center of my lid and Sugar Rim, which is the hot pink color, at the inside corner of my lid. I used Electric Blue, which is a deeper shade of blue by Lamik Cosmetics, at the outside corner of my lid for contrast. The entire look was complete with Pink Poodle lip gloss by MAC cosmetics.

So Diva, what do you think, how will you incorporate a “pop” of color in your fall make-up look?

Until next time!

The Spoiled Diva