Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spoiled Diva Spotlight - Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Hey Diva,
Meet Dr. Heavenly who for over 12 years has been making her mark on the dental industry and the business world with her straight-talk style, strategic expertise and proven credentials. Not only is Dr. Heavenly a board certified Dentist, but she also owns four dental practices in Metro Atlanta (she’s owned as many as seven at one time!) and has sold two profitable clinics!

Dr. Heavenly has her own radio show on Love 860AM in Atlanta, GA and you can catch her on air every Wednesday at 2pm! She is also author of the new book "Dr. Heavenly’s Business Prescriptions" (available at, a motivating advice guide that breaks down complex business concepts to their simplest forms and offers personal insight and strategies for building a successful business. Learn more about Dr. Heavenly online at

See more of Dr. Heavenly on the upcoming season of  the hit Bravo reality television show Married to Medicine! That's right diva,  there is a new addition to the cast!

 Until next time!
The Spoiled Diva

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