Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spoiled Diva Product Review - eShakti Winter Blazer

Black Pleated Blazer by eShatki, Lace leggings - Thrifted from Goodwill

Hey Diva,
I recently received this stunning black blazer from my friends at eShakti!  Showcased in Glamour, Vogue and O Magazine, eShakti is an international custom clothing design company that caters to women size 0 – 36!

What I like most about the brand is that you are able to customize styles to fit your personality.

I am totally in love with my new blazer and it's just perfect for the holiday season. The sassy pleated detail at the front and eye catching bottom hemline really gives it extra flair!

Visit eShatki online at to order your favorite, customizable design!

Until next time.

The Spoiled Diva


  1. Very nice! I would love to see it in red. Very classy and chic

    1. Thanks so much Wendy dear! It's def my fave!

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