Friday, September 26, 2014

DIY: Embellished Tuxedo Jacket and Bustier

Cha'Kiva Latrell in a custom embellished tuxedo jacket and corset by Spoiled Diva by CL Felder

Hey Diva,
I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of tutorials on how to embellish your old frocks and turn them into something HAUTE, right? Well here’s another!
I needed a competition pantsuit for a pageant and the one I had initially ordered was a no show one week before the competition! Yeah I know, utter disaster. But a diva knows how to improvise and that’s just what I did. 
Cutaway Tuxedo Jacket by Men's Wearhouse
I knew the overall look that I wanted to capture but my concern was not having enough time to execute it before the pageant. I visited my friends at a Men's Wearhouse store in my neighborhood and right away I spotted a tuxedo jacket with the perfect silhouette. 

I asked to try on the store fit sample and all the associates were looking at me as if I were crazy! After all, it is a man’s jacket cut to fit a man’s body which as we all know has no boobies or hips.
But honey…let me tell you, when I put that jacket on, my body gave it a whole new life! It was at this moment I knew I had it! All that was left to do was embellish and bling it to the GODS! Don’t forget this was for a pageant where the more bling and shine, the better!

Model Cha'Kiva Latrell | Customized tuxedo jacket and corset by Spoiled Diva by CL Felder
Now remember,  I rented this jacket so all of the embellishments were first applied to a separate pieces of reinforced fabric then hand sewn to the jacket to enable easy removal when it was time to return the jacket. This included multi-sized silver spikes and studs for the shoulder area and sequins and rhinestone applied in a zebra stripe pattern for the collar and lapel.

Next, I purchased a solid black, overbust corset. This corset fit me perfectly, I'm totally in love! I added the same zebra stripe rhinestone and sequin applique to alternating panels of the corset. 

My shoes, which unfortunately are not pictured, are a pair of...wait for it...sequin zebra stripe pumps by Steve Madden. I've had these pumps for several years and I honestly think the whole look was inspired by these shoes. Finally, I purchased fabric similar to the tuxedo jacket and made a pair of high-waist trousers to complete the look!

Model Cha'Kiva Latrell | Customized tuxedo jacket and corset by Spoiled Diva by CL Felder
I am completely in love with the finished look, it came together just as I envisioned! I was actually glad that the original pantsuit I ordered was a no-show because this look was a perfect fit for my personality...and I created it myself!

What do you think, haute or not? If you are a pageant girl in need of an image coach and some wardrobe assistance, please contact me! I would love to be your secret weapon!

Until next time.

The Spoiled Diva

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  1. I was gonna say I wanted something like this for new years. I was like how much does this cost and does it come in my size. New Year's gets cold up here in the snow belt and that outfit would be perfect.