Monday, February 19, 2018

First Look: Fashion Nova Dress Review

Dress | Fashion Nova

Hey Diva!

So....a few weeks ago, I shared my excitement about a super sexy dress I ordered online from clothing retailer Fashion Nova. In case you haven't been keeping up, Fashion Nova is one of the most popular shopping websites for women. It was made popular by celebrities and Instagram famous models posting and sharing their clothes.

The positive reviews and HAUTE photos from the Instagram models prompted me to give Fashion Nova a try. I ordered this dress for a New Years Eve's party because I found myself in a pinch with nothing to wear.

The dress did not arrive on time, apparently I missed the memo about super delayed holiday shipping. Definitely a bummer, but when the dress finally arrived, I was not disappointed. I wanted something short, sexy and curve hugging and that's exactly what I got!

The fit and construction are both well done. This particular dress has a good amount of stretch to it so you may want to size down. I ordered a size XL and although loose on the top, it fits me perfectly in the bottom and hip area. The studs are affixed to the dress in a way so they don't come off easily. I haven't lost one yet! However, in case I do, a pack of extra studs were included.

It's safe to say the quality and fit of this Fashion Nova dress made up for the late shipping. I will certainly give them another try in the near future.

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