Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My Pageant Closet - Resale Shop

White Lace Cupcake Dress | Spoiled Diva by CL Felder

Hey Diva,

It's officially spring time, and one of the super amazing things about spring for me is that it marks the start of pageant season! Sure, there are pageants happening all year long, but there is just something about spring that officially kicks the season off.

Red Jump-suit | Spoiled Diva by CL Felder

I've decided to return to the stage this summer, however I have not yet made a formal announcement. In the meantime, I am selling some of my favorite looks from on and off stage. All styles are original designs by Spoiled Diva by CL Felder and have been very gently worn.

Click the link to view the entire listing and message me if something catches your eye.

My Pageant Closet

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