Friday, September 25, 2015

Join me, Cha'Kiva Latrell at the Macy's Fashion Front Row Show in Atlanta!

Hey Diva!

So...tonight is the Fashion Front Row show presented by Macy's and guess what...I'll be on the runway in four of the fall seasons HAUTEST looks!

The show is happening at 7pm tonight September 25th at Macy's Lenox Square! Hope to see you from the runway, this show will be a grand affair.

Check out all the deets here:

Until next time.

The Spoiled Diva
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

14 Reasons to Love Fall

Hey Diva,

Happy Fall 2015! Today marks the first day of the fall season and a perfect occasion to share a few of my favorite things. I can already smell the cinnamon spice in the air!

Get into my reasons now:

1. The Leather Jacket | Nordstrom - Because can be styled 768,983 different ways, duh. At least that's how many I've counted. :)

2. Candy Apples - Because they're so cute...all decorated in colorful sprinkles and other sugary delightfulness! Not so cute when it turns to cellulite on the back of my thighs...anyway, moving on!

3. Plaid Wrap | Vivienne Westwood - Because this super chic silhouette is so on trend and has  timeless elegance...and it hides the tummy rolls created by overkill on the candy apples!, win!

4. Thigh High Boots | Stella McCartney - Because good gracious alive these "thangs" are sexy! But be careful how you style can quickly end up giving off that ol' Pretty Woman tease. Remember that movie? No..ok just Google it!

5. Leather Opera Gloves - Because these will instantly upgrade your look from basic to the highest level of super HAUTE, chic, fashionista diva! Yes...that entire title can be yours with these gloves. Not to mention the added warmth factor on those cool fall mornings.

6. Wine Stained Lips | MAC - Because THIS is so much sexier than that awful blue lip color some of ya'll were rocking all spring and summer long. My blog, my opinion! Nah nah boo boo!

7. Hot Apple Cider - Because this just FEELS so darn good...especially if you spike it with a shot of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum! Hmmmm, wonder if they will send me any for this mini plug... Anyway...moving on!

8. Oversized Distressed Leather Handbag | Badgley Mischka - Do you really need a reason, I mean... just look at it!

9. Piping Hot Bowl of Spicy Chili - Because it's so yummy in my tummy... on a cool fall Sunday afternoon with some cheese melted on top and a few crackers crumbled up in it. Ooh, or better yet, cornbread.  I'm drooling, let me move on!

10. Fall Scented Candles | Bath and Body Works - Because it's the smell of home...during the Holiday season. Which reminds me...Christmas will be here in like 25 minutes. Seriously!

11. Plaid Cape - Because it goes nicely with my leather opera gloves. Instant Diva'tude!

12. The Bootie - Because it looks great with distressed boyfriend jeans.

13. Plaid Scarf  | Burberry - Because this is a wardrobe staple and like Taylor Swift says, it will NEVER go out of style!

14. Fall 2015 Nail Color Palette | China Glaze - Because dog gone it, it's just  time to put away the neon with glitter, sequin, swirls etc. for awhile!

Welp...that's it for me. What about you, what are some of your fave things about Fall? Do share!

Until next time.

The Spoiled Diva
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Spoiled Diva's Top 3 Fall Wardrobe Staples

Hey Diva,

There’s no denying...IT'S FALL YA'LL! Time to put on some clothes...and I know that might sadden those of you that love the look of "barley there" clothing!

But no worries, there are plenty of super cute fall “go-to” staples to keep you HAUTE this fall. Here are some of my personal faves!

The Pencil Skirt
So versatile and effortless. It can be paired with a cute blazer and turtle neck or moto jacket for the fall!  I especially adore this leather trim, high waist pencil skirt by Spoiled Diva by CL Felder. Get it here!

Thigh High Boots
Get ready for sexy overload! But be careful not to over do it. If not styled appropriately, thigh high boots can easily go from sexy sophistication to... ahem...strip club realness in a heartbeat! Now, if that is the look you are wanting to achieve, go for it. But I say let's keep it classy ladies, that's a true Diva move!

Faux Fur Stoles
A beautiful accent to your fave fall look! Experiment with faux fur in various colors and print...even bold, neon colors. They will look great against the muted colors of the fall season!

That's all for now! But check back as I share tons more of my fave style ideas.

Until next time.

The Spoiled Diva
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